New release of brachI/Oplexus now available

We recently launched a new version of brachIOplexus for mapping from human interfaces to robotic arms. The old release had a fixed mapping between the Bento Arm and an XBox controller. The latest release significantly expands the functionality by allowing for custom mappings and additional input devices including the MYO Armband and keyboard.

We made a short runthrough video to demonstrate some of the features in the new release:

Need a hand? The files for the HANDi Hand are now open source!

We just launched the much hand-ticipated open source files for the HANDi Hand! The initial release includes all 3D print files, STEP files, assembly manual, and Arduino sketches you need to build your own HANDi Hand. You can also look forward to future releases of exciting related projects, including an inexpensive data glove for intuitive control.